How Do I Start?

If you are a visiting CrossFitter and know all the moves then you’ll be able to jump right in, but the majority of people will be unfamiliar with a lot of what we do, because most gyms simply don’t have the expertise to teach this stuff.

The exercises we use are extremely effective, but also a little technical, so before joining our main classes you will need to learn some basics.

There are 2 pathways into Group classes:

1. Beginners Classes  – Over a series of Beginners Classes, we will teach you the 9 Fundamental Moves of CrossFit, plus the 2 Olympic Lifts, kettlebell swings and other CrossFit exercises such as box jumps, double unders and ring dips. Call Cathie on 07795 361 797 for more information.

2. Personal Training – Some people prefer to have One-to-One training for a while before coming to Group classes, to build confidence or to accelerate their learning with a coach all to themselves.  See Personal Training page for more details.

If you’re not sure which option is for you and you want to discuss further, call Cathie on 07795 361797 or e-mail us at