Andrew Clark – Head Coach and Owner

Certified CrossFit Trainer – Level 3 (Aug 2014), CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (2012), CrossFit Level 1 (2010),
  CrossFit Mobility and CrossFit Kids
British Weightlifting Level 2 Club Coach
REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer
Boxercise Coach 

I’ve been training since being a teenager and have loved anything physical since then, whether playing Rugby for local teams, boxing, martial arts, dancing (Salsa, Hip-Hop, African etc.), climbing, swimming, cycling… you name it, and if it involves learning movement or challenging myself physically, I’m there.

I later realised I also got massive rewards from helping others to reach towards their goals, so the obvious conclusion was that fitness coaching was the career for me. Once I’d qualified, I spent a year working at a health club in London getting experience in the industry, before I returned to Bristol and set up my own mobile Personal Training business. Since then I have helped many clients achieve their personal goals.  I love what I do and feel extremely privileged to make positive changes in peoples lives.

I found CrossFit in 2009 and started using it myself and then with my clients and was sold on it’s effectiveness. I opened the gym on Merton Rd in March 2010 and moved my growing business to there, which we then later affiliated to CrossFit.


James Grogan

CrossFit Level 1 and Mobility Trainer
British Weightlifting Level 1 Assistant Coach
REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

So, where to start?…I have always been passionate about sport, fitness and being active. But what has always interested me most is the way the human body performs.  In 2003 I qualified as a Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer and Sports Massage therapist but disappeared into the corporate world for a number of years.  Throughout this time I played national league hockey and continued my learning into how the body performs.  I also spent a number of years training at well-known gyms.  Anyway, fast forward to 2012….

The moment I walked through the door I knew that I would be hooked on CrossFit. Everything, from the intensity and variation of the workouts, to the support and encouragement that you get being part of a close knit community, was different to what I had experienced before at conventional gyms.   What impressed me most was how people from all different walks of life trained, encouraged and supported each other.  For me, CrossFit offered a challenge and appealed to my interests.

I decided to take my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course and have not looked back since.  Being able to work with people on a daily basis and have an impact on their fitness, strength and general well-being is truly amazing.


Caz (new)


Caroline Mundy

CrossFit Level 1
British Weightlifting Level 1 Assistant Coach
Concept 2 Rowing Instructor 

Coming from Devon I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors and gently exercising between cream teas!!. Having previously liked being active in my teens with competitive swimming I found college, and later work-life led me to make decisions of inactivity and insulation in the form of fat!

Following a fantastic time trekking in Nepal, a severe asthma attack led me to take stock of life. Part of this reflection was the realization of the need to take responsibility once more for my health and make some positive choices. Within a few weeks CrossFit had re-ignited a passion for physical fitness and a huge enjoyment of functional exercise.

Having personally known the benefits of CrossFit, I completed my Level 1 trainers certificate in May 2011.
There is a huge privilege in coaching, not only imparting knowledge but also helping people achieve their goals, encouraging them to push their limits beyond what they thought possible. CrossFit is unique as ‘the sport of fitness’ but so is its community. Come along and you’ll experience why


tom skipTom Heath

CrossFit Level 1
British Weightlifting Level 1 Assistant Coach

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved being physically active. Over the years I must have tried every sport that I’ve come across, from rugby, hockey, cricket and tennis during my school days, to skateboarding, surfing, climbing, capoeira, squash, snowboarding, kickboxing…the list is endless. Taking up competitive rowing during a postgraduate year at university in 2010, however, introduced me for the first time to structured strength and conditioning training. I began to develop a keen interest in the thinking behind different training methodologies and, through my own investigation into the subject, discovered Crossfit. On moving to Bristol in 2011 I wasted no time in tracking down my nearest box. One taster session at Crossfit Avon (and a lot of sweat) later and I knew I had found the type of training I had been looking for.

Now, almost 2 years down the line I’m deeper into it than ever. Through Crossfit I’ve made some great friends, watched my level of fitness increase dramatically and, most importantly, thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It seemed a natural progression to take my CF Level 1 trainer’s course and begin coaching – something which has already greatly deepened my understanding of sound training principles and good movement. Watching our members learn new skills and push themselves (and each other) is its own reward. This inspires me to improve – both as an athlete and as a coach.

Crossfit provides me with the ideal combination of strength and metabolic conditioning to improve my performance in, and enjoyment of, any of the wide range of sports and activities that I like to take part in. The constantly varied nature of the workouts means that I never get bored, and the friendly, supportive atmosphere created by the members and other coaches makes the idea of ever wanting to return to a ‘normal’ gym unthinkable.

That’s enough talking…now let’s pick up a barbell…


CathieCathie Smith

CrossFit Level 1

I was introduced to CrossFit and CrossFit Avon 3 years ago and received a baptism of fire with Fight Gone Bad as my first WOD! I’d spent the previous 15 years not doing anything much in terms of fitness and health, you know how it goes, working, having children, bringing them up. Taking time out for yourself isn’t important when you have so much else going on.

So there I was attending classes, going from strength to strength and as I became more involved with CrossFit, I realised that I had the possibility of helping others achieve their fitness goals too.

I attended the CrossFit Level 1 course in January 2013 and have been coaching ever since. I particularly enjoy taking those new to CrossFit through our Beginners Classes.


VandyMatthew Van Der Velden (Vandy)

CrossFit Level 1
British Weightlifting Level 1 Assistant Coach

I have always had a very active lifestyle, participating in loads of sports over the years but spending most of my time playing pro/semi pro ice hockey. For 11 years I competed on various levels all over the world and found I enjoyed coaching and passing on the knowledge that I had acquired.

After retiring from Hockey 6 years ago, I missed the active lifestyle I was used to, so I joined a high street gym. After a while of getting pretty bored in a stale environment that this gym offered me, a friend got me into crossfit. I booked into my taster session at CrossFit Avon and knew after an hour of intense work which included “Mary” (handstand push ups, pistol squats and pull ups)  I was hooked. Everything I wanted was there; hard work, competitive spirit and encouraging coaches and  members. It was an amazing feeling and I have never looked back!
I have been at Avon for two years now, getting the opportunity to go with Avon to a few competitions and it seemed a natural progression to complete my level 1 trainer course. I now coach and love helping fellow members to work hard and achieve their goals in a safe, competitive and encouraging environment.
Dan SquatDaniel Bond

CrossFit Level 1
British Weight Lifting Level 1 Assistant Coach
REPs level 3 Personal Trainer
Advanced Kettlebell instructor
Suspension training (TRX) instructor
Gym based Boxing coach

During a 12 month trip around the world, one thing constantly came up…. CROSSFIT !

It didn’t matter where I was, the sport of fitness seemed to be building hype. At the time I had no idea what it was but one thing was for sure, when I got home I would find out!

I was previously training in the world of MMA (mixed martial arts) but soon become a fully-fledged CrossFit convert. I began my journey at CrossFit Bath (not realising there were any in Bristol), instantly fell in love, and eventually found an affiliate in Bristol.

Being a Personal Trainer at a ‘globo-gym’ pushed me to become a CrossFit Coach. On my Level 1 course I became friendly with fellow CrossFit Avon coaches James & Tom. Thus began my coaching career at CrossFit Avon.

Since starting CrossFit 2 years ago I have had the chance to compete in several competitions and relish the opportunities to progress as both an athlete and coach.


CrossFit Avon

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