Terms and Conditions

Cancelling memberships

  • Monthly paying Members need to give 28 days notice to cancel their membership.  If the notice takes them into their next billing cycle, we will pro rata the final payment.  Notice can be given, in writing, or by email to info@crossfitavon.com.
  • Exceptions to this are for injury or illness.  We may ask for a letter from a medical professional to confirm this

Payment and Booking

  • All classes are to be paid for and booked in advance, using the Mindbody Online Booking System.
  • The current options for class purchase/membership are listed here.
  • There will be no payments in cash at the class.
  • Monthly memberships are auto-renewing on the same date each month as the first purchase.  Members don’t need to buy another membership each month.
  • There are no refunds available on Memberships or blocks of classes once booked and paid for, unless we have mischarged (system problem).  If it is our fault, we will refund you within 7 days of establishing that.

Notice for changes to and cancellations of class bookings :

  • Our classes have a maximum number of spaces. This is to ensure safety and for quality of coaching. Because of our limited class size, we have a 24 hours notice policy. If you cancel or change your class time within 24 hours of the start of the class, you will still be charged for that class. This is because it gives a reduced chance for others to fill that space. We have also found it encourages athletes to turn up for spaces they’ve booked, and we really want our athletes to come and train, to reap the rewards of CrossFit.
  • However, we request that you still attempt to cancel the class, even if within the 24 hours period, so it gives others some chance of taking the space.
  • Please don’t just not turn up for classes you’ve booked. Persistent late cancellers will be noticed and we will seek a solution with them.

Be on time:

  • We aim to start promptly at the scheduled time. Be dressed and ready to go at that time. Our advice is to arrive 5-10 minutes early so you are ready.
  • All classes have a warm up period where we prepare you for the work ahead. Anybody arriving after the end of the warm up period will be refused entry to the class. This is because it is unsafe to jump straight into the main workout of the day and is too disruptive to the class for you to try and catch up. Telling us you are already warm will not be accepted. Respect your fellow athletes and be on time.

Waiting list:

  • The booking system has a facility for you to put yourself on a waiting list if there aren’t any spaces in your preferred class.
  • Please don’t use this to attempt to change the time of your class (i.e. book yourself onto one time and go on waiting list for another) as this means someone else who hasn’t already got a space might miss out.
  • If you’re on the waiting list and a space becomes free, we will attempt to notify you. The system should send out an email. If you receive this, please logon and confirm your attendance. Our membership staff will also attempt to keep an eye on the bookings and try to text/call you as well, so make sure your telephone number is on the system.
  • By putting your name on the waiting list, even if you don’t end up getting a space, it lets us know which days are popular and where we need to try to find extra class spaces. If there’s no-one on waiting lists we will presume that you’re all getting the classes you want.
  • If you are on the waiting list and want to risk turning up anyway, you are welcome to join the warm up, and if there is space at the end of the warm up (other athletes haven’t turned up) you may take their space. However, be prepared to leave if the class is full.